Manufacturing Standards

Food Safety and Nutritional Quality Are The Top Priorities

We have a rigorous product development and testing process to ensure Jinx is manufacturing premium dog food, and we are committed to continually investing in new technology and ongoing research to drive improvement.

Here's how we ensure our food is safe:

1. Formulation

We teamed up with top dogs, including the best animal scientists, formulators, nutritionists, regulatory specialists and manufacturing partners, to meticulously craft a series of dog food products best suited for the modern dog

2. Ingredients

Along with our manufacturing partners, we follow strict selection criteria to identify accredited suppliers that can help us maintain our best-in-class quality and safety standards. We undertake audits to determine nutritional value, production quality, traceability and sustainability.

3. Manufacturing

We vetted dozens of factories across the U.S. and landed on Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified manufacturing partners that uphold the same standards and values as we do. We collaborate with each of our manufacturing partners to establish controls and processes for everything including facility maintenance, sanitation and pest control, employee training, in-house sampling and lab analysis, preparation of meat and ingredients, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and distribution.

4. Product Release

Before any new product is released for sale, all product goes through a quality assurance control program to ensure that diets meet the guaranteed analysis as stated on our labels. Additionally, safety tests are conducted both internally and through an independent, third-party lab for pathogens (eg., Salmonella). All products are held and do not leave the facility until they are cleared by the lab results.

5. Packaging & Warehousing

All of our finished product is packaged in premium polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bags with inside lining that is designed to keep food fresh. And, all of our finished products are warehoused in a temperature controlled facility with food-grade sanitation and product controls until they are delivered to the end customer.

6. Traceability

All of our products have unique coding that allow us to identify and trace each product from formulation, ingredient supplier, processing to manufacturing shift.