What We Learned

Jinx was shown to be the one of themost digestiblekibbles on the market.

Digestibility reflects a food's ability to deliver essential nutrients to the dog who eats it. This ultimately affects not only how much your dog poops and how the poop looks, but more importantly, a dog's long-term health and wellness.

9 out of 10

Prefer the taste of Jinx

AAFCO Approved

Industry-leading formulation and ingredients meeting the highest criteria of performance

9 out of 10

Stools scored ideal ratings

Along with cooking processes, the source and quality of ingredients contribute to Jinx's leading digestibility score

Our Nutritional Council

Every ingredient, every formula, every recipe is obsessively researched by our team of veterinarians, scientists and engineers.

Dr. Melissa Brookshire


Dr. Loree Desai


Carolyn Kennedy

Pet Nutritionist